Rwanda Safari

Spending time tracking and sitting with mountain gorillas is the ultimate wildlife experience and the reason why most people visit Rwanda on holiday. The location of Kwitonda Lodge puts gorilla trekking within easy reach, and daily hikes to observe gorilla groups in their natural habitat in the Volcanoes National Park are led by expert guides. Gorilla trekking permits need to be secured in advance. 

There are several activities available to guests staying at Singita Volcanoes National Park. These range from pursuits within Volcanoes National Park, to spending time around the lodge or discovering the neighbouring communities or town.

Dates: April 2024 (TBC)




Memorable Moments

The primary activity at the Lodge is, without a doubt, Gorilla trekking. Amakoro Songa Lodge is the closest lodge to the Park Headquarters, where the adventure begins, making it very convenient for guests, given the very early start required for trekking. After your undoubtedly unforgettable experience meeting humans’ closest relatives, a reinvigorating foot massage awaits. Whether you are looking for adventure through mountain climbing, cycling and bird watching or looking for relaxation and rediscovering your inner self, Amakoro Songa Lodge is the place to be.

Guests get to visit the villages that neighbour the lodge and take part in traditional activities like tree planting, community cleaning and traditional dancing. The Lodge organises community walks that include home visits and a story moment with the oldest resident who shares stories dating back to pre and post-colonial times. The community walks always end with a picnic and a private moment for the guests to enjoy nature.


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