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This trip is one of the most exclusive offerings, taking a small group to a location in the far north of Europe where they will have the opportunity to come face to face with the ultimate apex predator of the oceans, the Orca. The area around Tromsø is the only place in the world where it is almost guaranteed to encounter Orcas in the wild and the possibility to swim with them. From October to February, huge shoals of herring migrate from the Atlantic Ocean to the northwestern coast of Norway, attracting a large number of Orcas and humpback whales, providing an excellent opportunity to snorkel and freedive with these giants of the sea. 

With limited daylight during this season, November strikes a good balance with up to 8 hours of daylight left to look for whales. From Tromsø, the group ventures north of the polar circle in search of the opportunity to swim with gracious Orcas and enormous humpback whales, while the beautiful Norwegian fjords and snow capped mountains provide a stunning background for this adventure, only surpassed by the magic of the northern lights “Aurora Borealis,” which paints the dark sky in a fantastic show of lights.

Dates: Mid November 2024 




Witness the Magic of Orcas in Norway

This is a snorkel and free dive trip, with each day spending about 3-6 hours out at sea starting with the first light. The trusty ship, the MV Stronstad, will start heading out looking for whales, and participants can choose to search on the zodiacs or stay on the warm mothership. The water temperature will be between 5-9 degrees and the air temperature will range from -2 to +5 but can also be colder or warmer. Boat rides can get very bumpy as they race across the water, making it a physically demanding trip. On off-days where the weather is not good enough to go on the sea, there might be options for dog sledding and other expeditions at extra costs. 

Our guide, Tobias will also teach participants on how to take striking photos of the Polar lights during clear nights. Most nights, they will be in a local port, giving guests the opportunity to explore Norwegian fishing towns and local pubs. It is important to note that this trip can be physically demanding, and if it’s a participant’s first trip in such a form, they should let the team know so they can brief them about preparations.

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