Mongolian Eagle Hunting Culture


Hunt with Eagles and Nomadic life in Western Mongolia

Experience the stunning Altai Mountain Range in the far western part of Mongolia on this horse trekking trip through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. The trip provides a chance to ride through the magnificent landscape and meet Kazakh nomadic people to learn about their lifestyle and culture.

This horse trekking trip will take you through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park to the stunningly beautiful Altai Mountain Range in the far western part of Mongolia. The countryside here is magnificent, and you’ll have the opportunity to ride through the majestic landscape. You will also have the opportunity to meet Kazakh nomadic people and learn about their lifestyle and culture.



Mongolian Eagle Hunting Culture

Memorable Moments

On day one, you will be met by your English-speaking guide, cook, and driver at the airport in Ulgii. After a four-hour drive, you will reach SharGobi Valley where you’ll meet your hosts, an Eagle Hunter family, who will share some knowledge about their Kazakh culture over some special Kazakh milk tea. The next two days will be dedicated to mastering the art of eagle hunting. You will be paired with an eagle hunting friend and start with hooding and unhooding, followed by practising the call and finally getting accustomed to riding while holding your eagle. You will also learn how to create a unique bond between you and your eagle. On day three, the eagle hunter will drag the fox skin for the eagle to catch, and you will be releasing/dragging the fox skin for your eagle to catch and then making sure the eagle does not ruin the fox skin. You will have an opportunity to hold the eagle, ask to borrow the eagle hunter’s outfits and get some nice photos of you on the mountain.


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