The Living Temple Tour



Embark on a transformative journey with “Discover Your Inner Temple,” a unique wellness retreat set against the mystical backdrop of Egypt’s ancient wonders. This 11-day journey promises an unparalleled blend of cultural immersion, spiritual rejuvenation, and physical wellness. Your adventure begins in Aswan, where you will be welcomed aboard a luxurious boat. Here, the Nile’s serene waters set the stage for an opening night filled with warm introductions, delightful dinner, and a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring a perfect kickoff to your journey of self-discovery.

Cultural immersion is deepened with visits to local Nubian houses, while your spiritual journey is enhanced with interactive sessions and inspiring talks. The experience culminates with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride at sunrise, live music, and a grand finale overlooking the majestic Pyramids. “Discover Your Inner Temple” is not just a retreat—it’s a gateway to rediscovering yourself amidst the magic of Egypt.




Discover Your Inner Temple

As you sail from Aswan to Luxor, each day unfolds with a harmonious blend of wellness activities and exclusive tours. Imagine greeting the dawn with yoga and meditation sessions amidst the timeless landscapes, or dancing under the stars on the sun deck. The retreat offers private, once-in-a-lifetime tours of Egypt’s most sacred sites, like the Philae, Kom Ombo, and Karnak temples, often paired with enchanting sunset dinners and entertainment. 

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