The Kenya Safari


Kenya Safari

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and East Africa’s most cosmopolitan city, with a vibrant population of 4.5 million. Unique to the city is the proximity of Nairobi National Park, a true wilderness area juxtaposed against the larger urban metropolis. It is the only national park like it in the world and a real embodiment of the human-wildlife conflicts that challenge many African communities who must learn to cohabitate with wildlife on their doorstep.

Dates: 2024 (TBC)




Memorable Moments

Wildlife drives take place in some of the Mara’s most coveted vehicles. Each of the camp’s Toyota Land Cruisers is open-sided, canopied and customised for photographers (fold-down screens, raised roofs, photographic bars, multiplug invertors), with just four to six guests each. Game drives typically start at sunrise, return for lunch and depart again in the mid-afternoon. However, very often guests will go out all day, deep into the Reserve or Conservancy with a packed breakfast and lunch. Wildlife drives can also continue into the night because of the camp’s location on a private conservancy.

Each of Mara Plains Camp’s guest suites has a professional camera set, including a camera body and lenses. In addition to wildlife drives, both massages and hot air ballooning are available at additional cost. The Naboisho Women’s Group cultural experience is supported by the Great Plains Foundation, enabling the group to purchase raw materials in bulk including a tailor hired to work on leather products. Available to guests staying at Great Plains Conservation camps, all profits from the sale of their wares are ploughed back into the women’s business training to ensure this group is self-sustainable.


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