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The Botswana to Falls Safari

The longer the journey the greater the reward. Africa is huge and may require long travel days to reach these remote, wild places – planes, trains and automobiles, boats and helicopters, sometimes all in the same day! Know that an icy Gin & Tonic will be waiting at the other side. This Is Africa – so schedules may change, planes may need an unexpected service, or your guide may get blocked by a herd of elephants en route to the runway. Rest assured we have your back, and you will reach your destination – all part of the adventure!

Travellers come to Africa for the first time for the animals, but they return for the people. You will be greeted by warm, smiling faces, excited to welcome you to their country. Most of the staff employed by the lodges, will come from the local community – rural Africa, with very different backgrounds, education and opportunities to first world living. You’ll always share a good laugh and story at the end of the day.

Dates: 2024 (TBC)




Memorable Moments

Game drives reveal the rich wildlife of the area from predators to prey. The open 4×4 vehicles accommodate a maximum of seven guests allowing each a ‘window’ seat for best wildlife viewing. Night drives are also available and with spotlights allow you to find those nocturnal animals you wouldn’t see during the day.

There is no better way of viewing the Delta and its wildlife than by traditional mokoro (dugout canoe), often revealing the smaller critters of the Okavango Delta and fascinating waterbirds of the region. Walking safaris with skilled guides offer you the exciting opportunity of coming across a big game on foot as well as observing the smaller things you miss when travelling by vehicle.


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